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No more annual membership fees!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

On September 1, 2012, annual membership fees will be a thing of the past.  Instead, we've created a two tier membership system - Loyalty Members and Guests.

If you have an active annual membership after September 1, 2012 you will be automatically upgraded to our loyalty program. Loyalty program members are rewarded with savings of at least $5 per ticket on each event, and can take advantage of other loyalty benefits like VIP seating and our FREE birthday admission.  

If you do not have an active annual membership after September 1, 2012, you don't need to purchase one to continue attending our sexy parties.  You can now attend all our events under "general admission" without purchasing an annual membership. General admission prices are inclusive of nightly membership fees.

If you would like to receive loyalty pricing and benefits, you can upgrade to our loyalty program at any time by logging in to your account, visiting our "member lounge", clicking on "my profile" and then clicking "renew now".

If you're not sure what type of membership you hold, login to your account, click on "member lounge" and then select "my profile". 

Guest memberships will appear as "expired loyalty membership" in your profile.

Loyalty Memberships will appear as "active" (non-expired) Loyalty Memberships in your profile.

Please help spread the word about this monumental change by posting in forums and telling all your sexy friends.

by Eve_of_eden 1944 days, 16 hours ago

If you attend 5 or more events per year as a couple, it pays for itself.
You also get free entry for the closest party before your birthday. That alone makes the membership worthwhile.
And finally, only loyalty members are eligible for VIP wristbands which is a great option if you don't want to carry cash with you at the event.

by Mama Diva 2154 days, 17 hours ago

How does the free birthday entry work for members? How close to the actual birthday must the event be?

by Adam and Eve 2528 days, 14 hours ago

You don't have to renew your membership, however, if you do:
- you save $5 per person on each event ($10 per couple);
You get free entry to the party that falls on the Saturday before your birthday; and
You are able to upgrade to VIP seating which is great for those that do not want to carry cash.

Hope that helps to clarify.

by KiMi 2631 days, 17 hours ago

I did the same thing. So the $50 membership fee basically saves us $5 per person on each night we attend? That doesnt seem worthwhile.

by [email protected] 2681 days, 18 hours ago

That's weird because I just paid $50 to renew my membership after I received 2 emails to do so. Why did I have to pay $50? Was it a mistake?


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