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Easier to Talk at the Club

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Easier to talk at the Club - SUCCESS!

At the Glow party on June 21, we implemented our new sound system modifications to make it easier to talk at the club.  We're excited to say it was a huge success.  We got great feedback from our members on the Facebook group so we know we did the right thing.  

We re-positioned the speakers so now the music lands perfectly on the dance floor where it belongs. And as you move from the halfway point towards the bar, the tunes become significantly quieter such that not only can you hear what others are saying, you can actually talk at the bar without even raising your voice. 

by elvisbutterfly 2116 days, 10 hours ago

It was good, and as someone who wears earplugs because of tinnitus it's actually welcomed. I did notice much later in the night the volume got louder though, so not sure if that was by design.


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