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Drink Line-Ups

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

As some of you may have heard, the Bare-2-Scare Halloween Party was amazing, AND, our biggest party ever with 297 sexies in attendance!

The downside is that we experienced longer line-ups for bevvies inside as the majority of our guests arrived (between 10:00 and 11:30pm).   

We had three bartenders, three servers and two bussers all running their tails off, but because the line-ups only typically last for a 1-2 hour period as guests arrive, it's next to impossible to resolve the issue during prime time.  Once the bulk of our guest have arrived, the line-ups naturally dissipate and normalize.

During prime time, we ask that you to please be patient, and remember that Vanilla clubs make their patrons wait outside in the cold so that they can regulate the volume throughout the night.  But Eden is NOT a vanilla club and we have made the business decision to invite our members in as soon as they arrive.  We don't want you waiting out in the cold, and we also understand that you value discretion.  

If you have any ideas that may help, shoot us an email.  We always appreciate good ideas from our members.  In addition, we came up with a couple of ways that you can help during busy parties like showing up before prime time between 8pm and 9pm when it's a bit quieter to help normalize the traffic flow.  Or, reserving VIP seating which gives you a huge advantage as those members in VIP seating have their own dedicated server which translates to faster service.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks in advance to those that have some fresh ideas that may be helpful.

Big hugs to our sexy Halloweenies!!!

by ker-bear 3008 days, 16 hours ago

How about putting in fountain pop machines? We could pay a flat rate at the beginning of the night to use them and then come to the bartender for the specialty mixes like juices, energy drinks etc.


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