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Eden is now Exclusive

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Edenists:


It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Eden is going exclusive as of November 5, 2009 to respond to the needs of our growing member base.


Since grand re-opening in February, 2009, we have seen a significant shift in the demographic of our core clientele.  For the most part, Eden now tends to attract a crowd of attractive, young, urban couples looking to fulfill their inner most fantasies in a nightclub style setting.


The upside is that Eden has successfully introduced literally 1000s of new couples to the scene and has created an entirely new market of sexually adventurous individuals here in Vancouver.  But on occasion, Eden still sees a 10% influx of the more mature, traditional swinging demographic at the club primarily due to the fact that a party falls on a night that fits the schedule. 


The downside is that for the most part, having these two crowds mingling in the same sexy environment is like mixing oil and water together.  In most cases, the more mature or traditional swinging couple attends the event, dislikes the vibe, hates the music, is often shunned by the new nightclub style crowd and never returns to Eden again. 


On the flipside, the newly transitioning nightclub couple looking for a sexy adventure looks over and sees a couple that inherently reminds them of their parents and they along with 10 others never return to Eden, or the Lifestyle scene again. 


We have seen this story repeat itself 100s of times since opening our doors in May, 2006 and we have received countless comments in our surveys and via word of mouth.  And, although we feel that all of our members are amazing and attractive in their own right, losing so many new couples due to crowd is just not sustainable long term.


As a result, Eden will be switching to an application based process as of November 5, 2009.  This process will ensure that Eden attracts a sexually adventurous, nightclub style crowd guaranteed on every visit and will enable our attendees to blend more seamlessly resulting in a much higher return ratio.  Our application based process has been set up based on a points system so that we are able to capture any exceptions and not simply exclude based on any one factor.


At the same time, we will continue to feature a blended environment at Allure for all of our sexy members who are ready to transition into a more intimate house party environment. 


To facilitate this new process, Eden is taking the following steps:


  • All new members will be required to complete the application form which can be approved within 24-48 hours.  The application can be reached through the “join now” page on the website.  Just be sure to enter your existing email addy in the email field to ensure your application is attached to your existing profile.  No fee will be charged to re-apply.
  • All members where we had enough information on file (or knew you well enough) to make a decision regarding your membership will be receiving a welcome back email and will simply be able to login as usual. 
  • All members where we didn’t have enough information on file to make a decision regarding your membership are asked to please re-apply at your earliest convenience so that you can continue attending parties without interruption. 
  • All memberships that are not approved under the new application based process will be receiving a $50 gift certificate and complimentary one year membership to Allure (on top of any time you currently have remaining) as thanks for your support. 
  • Please be sure to add [email protected] and [email protected] into your email address book to ensure that you receive all updates regarding these important changes to your membership. 
  • For administrative purposes, Club Eden Social Club has been renamed to Club Allure Social Club and Eden Memberships approved under the new application based process will fall under Eden Millennium Club.

We sincerely thank all of our amazing members for their understanding of this decision to ensure long term sustainability.  With your support, we are excited about providing our members with two amazing clubs that meet the robust needs of Vancouver’s growing Lifestyle Population.




Adam & Eve

Club Eden  

Club Allure


P.S.  If you have any questions regarding this decision and your membership, please visit our FAQ page dedicated to this decision.  Click on this link now.  

by Suevonne 4738 days, 18 hours ago

Thanks for srhinag. What a pleasure to read!

by ceasar n jade 5285 days, 4 hours ago

Lost a beautiful black cape made of polar fleece... sentimental value.. Please return to lost and found..Reward if found.. Thank you:)


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